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Insync for Linux Beta 17 (0.10.9)

André V.

Posted 1373230546 (Edited 1373231344)
but on other note: when i try to copy a share link from within GNOME (click the copy button), Insync crashes with error

(open links in new tab/window)

Images of Share link
- Insync Folder 2013-07-07 23:03:37.png
- Insync Folder 2013-07-07 22:43:33.png

This is the error:

i have to try with new 0.10.10 version, not sure if this is fixed/updated...

Luis P.

Posted 1373230904
Hi André.

I meant maybe you didn't download the folder in Windows, so you should check your settings there. Apologies for the confusion.

For the crash with copy a share link, it is fixed in the latest build. Please try it. Thanks.

André V.

Posted 1373231546
OK :) thank you, i will try...

淳也 寺.

Posted 1373245436

I upgraded to 0.10.10 and it seems working very fine. Icon problems (this means blue folder icons at the top of share folder, "three people" icon correctly displayed in 0.10.9) also fixed. I hope everything is fine thanks to great work of development team of Insync. Thanks all!

João Pedro Santos de

Posted 1373300720
Hi, Luis.

I can confirm that the following fixes did worked for me when upgrading to 0.10.10:

- Try to start Insync after upgrade/install.
- Try to restart file manager after upgrade/install of extension.

André V.

Posted 1373310748 (Edited 1373311008)
I'm happy to say that copying share link or public link from GNOME (see "Insync Folder 2013-07-07 23:03:37.png" from previous post) also works. Even saving email addresses for sharing works :) NICE..!!

only if you press "save changes" with no email addresses, insync still crashes, maybe add a warning box here or do nothing... (just an idea)


Luis P.

Posted 1373339343
Hi André.

Thanks for the report. I'll add it to the list of known issues.

Vladimir I.

Posted 1373459101
Why does insync@.service wait 60 seconds before starting insync up?

ExecStartPre=/usr/bin/sleep 60

Waiting this long is a pain when starting and stopping insync from the command line.

Luis P.

Posted 1373459830
Hi Vladimir.

Are you using Arch Linux? If so, please contact the AUR package creator here: Thanks.

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