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Insync for Linux Beta 14 (0.9.33 -- updated to 0.9.35)

Brett H.

Posted 1357229022 (Edited 1361387170)
Update: Kote updated the Chakra Linux package to 0.9.34

insync-beta-kde 0.9.37:
+ autostart Insync when the system tray icon is loaded

insync-beta-opensuse-gnome 0.9.36:
+ autostart Insync when the system tray icon is loaded

insync-beta-gnome 0.9.36:
+ autostart Insync when the system tray icon is loaded

insync-beta-mate 0.9.36:
+ fixed Insync context menu not appearing in Caja

insync-beta-kde 0.9.36:
+ fixed Insync system tray icon not appearing in later versions of KDE 4

+ fixed ignore of folders that start with "." (now you can use Insync with Git repos!)
+ added user defined ignore rules file (~/.config/Insync/ignore-local.json)
+ added Drive metadata preview, "Add to Insync" for Thunar plugin
+ added Drive metadata preview to Caja plugin.
+ added command line option "insync --francesco" to use Francesco's alternate icons for the system tray.

Insync new Nemo support
<img src="">


Mate Desktop:


XFCE Desktop:
Thanks to Webupd8 for making the thunarx-python package and hosting it.
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nilarimogard/webupd8
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install thunarx-python





GnomeShell and Cinnamon is split into two packages, install "gnome-cinnamon-common",
and then choose the javascript applet that matches your desktop.

GnomeShell/Cinnamon shared package (LinuxMint and Fedora):


Javascript Applet:

Javascript Applet (for OpenSuse)

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:gwendal-lebihan-dev/cinnamon-stable
sudo apt-get update
Nautilus has been deprecated from the Cinnamon package.
The above is required for Nemo support (Gwendal's ppa provides the python-nemo package)
Fedora users need to compile python-nemo from source

Javascript Applet:


(prints more debug info)
(delay in event stream loop that passes local changes from inotify to internal API - default 0.1)
(google drive task queue size - default 3)
(min interpret wait - default 0.5)
(max interprets per-interval - default 1000)
(interpreter min emit wait - default 2.0)

Special thanks to Francesco C. who provided some cool icons. Run "insync --francesco" to use them for AppIndicator systemtray.

Olivier R.

Posted 1357232625
Looks like a few files are missing in the Ubuntu package:

$ dpkg -L insync-beta-ubuntu

Luis P.

Posted 1357236445
Hi Olivier.

Thanks for reporting this. We have temporarily removed the ubuntu package while we sort this out. All other packages seem to be fine.

Cristiano G.

Posted 1357251162 (Edited 1357251195)
When I try to download, I always get this:

<error>AccessDenied<message>Access Denied</message><requestid>0968BFB2D2BE1365</requestid><hostid>PGSzoU+JovShwZ7j9q57zXtmFsrKyFHTAVWqPrBGklx0FQ1GNxsHhLHXAET+2BcX</hostid></error>

Brett H.

Posted 1357268419
@Cristiano G. thanks for reporting this, I haven't seen this error before. Is this a shared document? You can upload ok? Please email me your complete logs, or post a larger snippet here.

Matt H.

Posted 1357273350 (Edited 1357273437)
Fedora 17 x86_64 I'm getting the following error starting insync

('writing new ignore-local.json file', '/home/matt/.config/Insync/ignore-local.json')
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "<string>", line 6, in <module>
File "", line 128, in <module>
File "", line 177, in <module>
File "linux/", line 28, in <module>
IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/home/matt/.config/Insync/ignore-local.json'
Error: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown: The name insync.rpc was not provided by any .service files

EDIT: Creating .config/Insync fixed it

Brett H.

Posted 1357273959 (Edited 1357288548)
@Matt H. thanks for reporting this, i forgot to ensure that folder is already present before dumping the default ignore-local.json. We are pushing a hotfix later today as 0.9.34.

Workaround - run in a terminal:

mkdir ~/.config/Insync

then run Insync again.

Zhengyu X.

Posted 1357289843
The same as @Cristiano G. , none of the link above is downloadable.

Luis P.

Posted 1357310435
Hi Cristiano, Zhengyu.

I apologize for the issue you experienced. Wrong permissions were set when uploading the packages. It should be ok now, but the 0.9.34 packages are recommended. Thanks.

Olivier R.

Posted 1357314383
New package for Ubuntu works. Thanks.

Cristiano G.

Posted 1357315055
@Luis P. Thank you, but where do I find the 0.9.34 packages?

Zhengyu X.

Posted 1357317272
@Luis P. Thank you very much for your reply. The links are working fine now. I have another question related to insync for gnome-shell. I can not find any folder called nautilus-python in insync-beta-gnome-cinnamon-common.deb nor insync-beta-gnome.deb. Is it normal?

Brett H.

Posted 1357323970 (Edited 1357324034)
@Zhengyu X. the open source Nautilus extension has moved from that package into the insync-beta-gnome package.

Zhengyu X.

Posted 1357327223
@Brett H. Yes, I have checked that package called insync-beta-gnome_0.9.34_all.deb with md5 = d2ebfeb46d2f57d2bf1667c5cde5dae5. But there are only gnome-shell-extensions together with a insync.desktop inside.

Brett H.

Posted 1357328450
@Zhengyu X. I just double checked and your right, I screwed up again, sorry. Looks like the nautilus plugin is in the ubuntu package, but I forgot to add it to the gnome package to. We will post another hotfix.

Brett H.

Posted 1357330018
@Zhengyu X. I just uploaded the fixed gnome packages, they now have the Nautilus plugin.

Zhengyu X.

Posted 1357333882
@Brett H. They are working now. Thanks a lot :-)

Giacomo G.

Posted 1357504706 (Edited 1357504879)
Archlinux 64bit with kde 4.9.5 , qt 4.8.4 and insync 0.9.34

terminal : python2
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 13, in <module>
from PyKDE4.kdeui import KStatusNotifierItem
ImportError: /usr/lib/ undefined symbol: SSLv2_server_method


Jerzy G.

Posted 1357520223
Where are the packages for openSUSE? I can see only for Fedora, you can't ignore openSUSE users.

"Nautilus has been deprecated from the Cinnamon package." - what does it mean? Does it break integration with Nautilus? There are many people who use Nautilus in Cinnamon.

Brett H.

Posted 1357533276
@Jerzy G. thanks for pointing that out, i had the wrong download link, updated.

Insync on Cinnamon with Nautilus can still work the same as before, but you would have to manually extract the nautilus plugin from either the ubuntu or gnome packages, and do not run insync with --cinnamon. "insync --cinnamon" will use Nemo to open links. Run "insync --gnome" (this is how it was in all previous betas)

Brett H.

Posted 1357534379
@Giacomo G. looks like an ArchLinux problem. You can debug this by editing the code in:

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