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Insync for Android is in Play!

Ross U.

Posted 1364913566
Ok no worries I can wait it out, happy to support. Either that or a play all from this folder would be good :-P
Sorry I know that's not it's intended implementation but would be awesome.
I think Google should just fund you guys and give up on their own development, bit of a waste just repeating your hard work.

Terence P.

Posted 1364916331
Yeah, music playback is on the list :)

Álvaro T.

Posted 1386525834
@ Terence P.

I am confused by the announcements of Insync Android beta 1.0.x (up to 14 AFAIK) while the Play app is as of today 0.9.12. Which one is more current? Is there any development roadmap?